Belati, three generations of Italian experience.

Belati Girolamo Giovanni, named after his grand-father, ventures into the sport shoes manufacturing business, concentrating primarily on the skating shoes
The company began to consolidate its image, and Giovanni Belati moved the operations to its current headquarters.
He takes part in the Atlanta International Trades Shows.
He began to establish his first business relationships with many important European countries.
Under the management of his wife, Mrs Finazzi Maria and his sons, Cristian and Jhony, Belati takes part in the most important trades shows and exhibitions.
The Belati shoes are made by hand with selected materials and meticulous in detail. Thanks to its modern equipment, the Belati company produces the best the market can offer.
Belati means three generations of Italian experience.
Always aware of market needs and providing the highest quality products, during his Belati history it has distinguished itself for its professionalism.
The company is still a family business, offers its customers two product lines:
  • roller shoes
  • ice shoes
both built with quality materials and cutting-edge techniques.


The Belati family has an long tradition in the in shoe-making industry thanks to the experience brought forth initially by grandfather Girolamo, and then followed by his son Tommaso. They ran and operated a shop in Chiari (BS) where they specialized in making and repairing shoes.

In 1943 the successor of the business was born, and after his school education, he took over the business from his father Tommaso in 1967, who, due to health issues, had to retire.

In 1967 Girolamo Giovanni Belati, named after his grandfather, ventured into the sport shoes manufacturing business, concentrating primarily on skating shoes. The beginnings were slow, but as time went by the business acquired a good reputation, especially in the Lombardy region.

 The company began to consolidate its image and Giovanni Belati moved the operations to its current headquarters, a larger space well suited and equipped to accommodate the labor and production needs of the new business. More skilled labor was hired to meet the specialized demands for manufacturing custom-made skating shoes.

 In the 80s Mr Belati oversaw a period of steady growth that brought him to take part in the International Trade Show in Atlanta which helped solidify the customer base. Especially in 1985 the company began to establish commercial relationships with all major European countries. These skating shoes, manufactured with meticulous care and skill were deemed well suited for the highest levels of competition in the sport and allowed Girolamo to become the official supplier of the Italian National Team and other official European teams. The skates are manufactured with the highest quality of strong and durable leather, designed to meet the needs of each individual athlete. The company is currently run by his wife Maria Finazzi and their sons Cristian Roberto and Jhony René.